Stichting New Creation

Stichting New Creation

Stichting New Creation recently celebrated the completion of a training program in computer skills made possible by CORE N.V. and Stichting OverheidsAccountant Bureau.

The training consisted of the material MS Word and MS Excel 2010 for the level Foundation. During a period of eight weeks, Mrs. Rudseline Riley was responsible for the teaching and training of the young residents of Stichting New Creation. Mrs. Riley is one of the instructors of the many courses that CORE N.V. offers its clients.

These youngsters were coached in acquiring the necessary skills using these two programs that have become essential in the education system and that are useful later in the workforce.

Mrs. Riley explains: “This was rather challenging for me, for I have experience instructing professionals that have different needs and are already part of the workforce. This group was mainly made up of young adolescents that are still in the education system and have a different focus compared to our normal target group at CORE N.V. However, I am glad to have been a part of this project and will miss them dearly!” Mrs. Rudseline Riley can be seen in the photograph along with the young adolescent of Stichting New Creation during the Certification Ceremony.

CORE N.V. is honored to have been part of this program and wishes every participant all the best with their studies. Our organization is proud to be a partner in the formation of these youngsters and looks forward to their progress and success in life! 


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