PreventNOW! presented by ENNIA

PreventNOW! presented by ENNIA

After a very successful launch in 2013, ENNIA also organized the event PreventNOW! in 2014. PreventNOW! is a seminar and exhibition in which the importance of prevention is closer highlighted to reduce the risk of damage due to fire, theft, water or fraud. 

CORE N.V. was also present this year, as one of the IT service providers that had the opportunity to be in attendance at the World Trade Center Curaçao. Our mission was to educate business owners and managers on the importance of business continuity and Business Continuity Management. The general public was also welcome to get to know our organization and ask IT-related questions. 

Prevention is usually associated with calamities and natural disasters like hurricanes, storms and fire, and people usually take the necessary steps to minimize, mitigate and control risks related to their possessions such as homes, offices etc. However, few people are concious of the importance of prevention related to to critical business information systems and crucial corporate information. This is a very important aspect for every organization, for less downtime of your IT infrastructure translates into limited revenue loss and reduced customer dissatisfaction. 

The same concept of prevention we apply to our other possessions should be applied to critical business information systems and our corporate information. Business Continuity Management can help to ensure the technical and operational continuity of your company's operations. The aim of BCM is to provide your organization with the ability to respond effectively to threats like natural disasters or data breaches and to protect the business interests of your organization. 

We thank ENNIA for the chance to further elaborate and educate the general public on the importance of prevention related to your business.