The Business Networking Fair

The Business Networking Fair

On April 24th 2015, Startup Curaçao held The Business Networking Fair. This was another networking event organized with the aim to “bring people together in a fun and relaxing way while informing them about different initiatives”.

CORE N.V. was one of the organizations that were present during this event. Startup Curaçao choose the subject To the Next Level for this event and of course CORE N.V. was present to inform startups and entrepreneurs how to take their businesses to the next level with the proper implementation of information technology.

Our information booth focused on the benefits that early inclusion of information technology has for startups and entrepreneurs. Many attendants were interested in growing their businesses, moving to new markets or simply making their offering more attractive for their customers. CORE N.V. emphasized the importance of a well thought-out role of IT from the start of each idea. Simple IT solutions such as a corporate e-mail address and an uncomplicated yet informative website offer startups and entrepreneurs a cost savvy yet effective communication channel to engage with their target markets.

More innovative solutions offer startup companies the advantage to save in initial investment and provide an improved business experience in relation to their competitors. Such solutions include the use of flexible yet secure work solutions such as mobility everywhere and other back office processes such as online back up. Thus startup companies and entrepreneurs can surely profit from the inclusion of information technology in their business plans and business models.

We would like to thank Startup Curaçao for the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals and new initiatives from the different sectors on the island.