SV Hubentut Fortuna unveils uniform

SV Hubentut Fortuna unveils uniform

On Thursday April 6th SV Hubentut Fortuna unveiled its new uniform at the premises of CORE N.V. during a special event held for the club and its main sponsor.

The logo of the organization CORE N.V. appears in all its glory at the front of the uniform as a sign of good fate and firm belief in the capabilities of the team. In the words of Mrs. Gerda Isenia – Rosalia: “I have been to two games already and I see a lot of potential in this team and its players. We must find a way to support each other, become partners on the field to succeed. We must go all out for the win!”

Furthermore Mrs. Isenia – Rosalia explained that teambuilding is crucial for the success of this team and CORE N.V. is just that, part of the team of SV Hubentut Fortuna. Mrs. Isenia – Rosalia can be seen with the players during the unveiling of the team’s uniform.

CORE N.V. firmly believes in the formation of our youngsters on educational, physical, cognitive, and cultural level and therefore is proud to be the main sponsor of SV Hubentut Fortuna. We look forward to the coming tournaments this year and wish SV Hubentut Fortuna the best of luck with the competitions!


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