Distinguishing Qualities

What distinguishes CORE N.V. from other providers is our multi service business concept. We offer you one-stop shopping for all your information management needs, from application hosting to your network and server management, to the development and implementation of new applications and business continuity management and solutions. 

This multi service business concept is backed by the following distinguishing qualities: 

  • Availability 
    Downtime of your IT infrastructure obviously translates into loss of revenue and reduced customer satisfaction. Our data center has the built-in redundancy needed to assure the high availability that is so critical to your business. 
  • Information Security 
    Your corporate information data are your company’s crown jewels. Ensuring physical and environmental network security access control require an information security policy, appropriate facilities, as well as specialized tools and the right skills and procedures in place. We treat your systems and your data as our own; with the outmost care and rigor, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your information. 
  • Scalability 
    Every organization has its own needs and requirements. Our multi-platform data center enables us to offer you both complex and simple solutions. At the same time we offer you the possibility to grow with your needs as you grow your business. 
  • Reliability 
    You can be sure that our technical and professional infrastructure will meet the demands of your business in the best way possible, based on the right technological options. We offer only high quality solutions with the best breed of components. 
  • Dedicated Support 
    Our team is highly skilled, trained and motivated to give you the dedicated support you need, always ready to go the extra mile for your convenience.