Ensuring the continuity of your Business

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is our way to make sure that your company can continue its operations whatever happens. The aim of BCM is to provide you with the ability to respond effectively to any threat, such as natural disasters or data breaches. BCM will ensure the technical and operational continuity of your services.                                                         

We can help you develop and maintain useful and up to date documentation and provide relevant training in this area. Our Business Consultants can achieve this by working with you on the following aspects:

Business Continuity Planning 
While prevention or mitigation is the most cost-effective way to manage risks, it is also essential to prepare for risks that cannot be controlled directly. A business continuity plan is a plan to continue operations if your organization is affected by adverse physical conditions such as a hurricane or other major storm, fire or random failure of critical information systems.

The business continuity plan explains how your business would recover its operations or move operations to another location (backup site). The Business Continuity Plan is an organizational plan that includes a disaster recovery plan.  

Disaster Recovery Planning 
Disaster Recovery Planning develops and documents the procedures for the restoration of specialized or automated equipment within critical timeframes. A Disaster Recovery Plan also details alternative procedures, usually manual, that enable critical tasks to continue during the period when your systems are unavailable.

Risk Management 
A Risk Vulnerability Analysis provides the high-level processes required to identify, evaluate, and control (i.e. eliminate, mitigate or offset) significant risks facing your organization. The objective is to manage these risks in order to maximize the probability of your organization’s success. Managing risks involves identifying threats to your organization and to determine their impact and level of severity. Some threats require extensive controls while others require very little. 

Business Continuity Solutions 
In case of any calamity you want the downtime of your critical operations to be restricted to a minimum. Our Business Continuity Solutions include various areas and levels of support, depending on your specific needs and situation. The areas covered are: facilities, hardware, software, data and connectivity. 

Furthermore CORE N.V. is the location where your company can easily relocate following a disaster. CORE N.V. offers two types of backup sites; hot sites and warm sites. 

Hot Site 
The hot site is a duplicate of the production site of your company, with full computer systems as well as near-complete backups of user data. Real time synchronization between the production site and the back-up site at CORE N.V. can be used to completely mirror the data environment of the production site using wide area network links and specialized software. Following a disruption of your production site, the hot site still exists so that your company can relocate with minimal losses to normal operations. 

The capacity of the hot site may or may not match the capacity of your production site depending on your requirements (office space and furniture, telephone, printers). 

Your backup site will be up and running within a matter of hours or even less. Your personnel may still have to be moved to the hot site so it is possible that the hot site may be operational from a data processing perspective before staff has relocated. 

Warm site 
The warm site will have hardware and connectivity already established, though on a smaller scale than the original production site or even a hot site. Warm sites will have backups on hand, but they may not be complete and may be between several days and a week old. You could send your backup tapes to the warm site by courier.