SV Hubentut Fortuna

SV Hubentut Fortuna

CORE N.V. & Hubentut Fortuna

CORE N.V. has signed an agreement with SV Hubentut Fortuna on Tuesday November 8th 2016 in which the organization takes the responsibility for the funding of some of the expenses SV Hubentut Fortuna has. CORE N.V. has become the main sponsor of SV Hubentut Fortuna and hopes that with this contribution the organization will be able to focus on its main goal of fostering the progress of the club in the soccer tournaments of Curaçao.

The agreement was signed by Mrs. Gerda Isenia – Rosalia, accompanied by demissionary Minister of Government Policy, Planning and Public Services, Mr. Etienne van der Horst, along with the representatives of SV Hubentut Fortuna; Mr. Amado Victoria (Vice-president), Mr. Hubert Scherptong (secretary), Mrs. Marelva Miguel (in charge of youth area), Mr. Rugin Snoil (Team Captain) and Mr. Gino Costina (Team Coach).

CORE N.V. firmly believes in the formation of our youngsters on educational, physical, cognitive, and cultural level and therefore is proud to be the main sponsor of SV Hubentut Fortuna.

We look forward to the coming tournaments this year and wish SV Hubentut Fortuna the best of luck with the competitions!