Reimagining ICT as a Tool for National Growth and Development

Reimagining ICT as a Tool for National Growth and Development

CORE N.V. was present during CANTO’s 33rd Annual General Meeting & Mini Expo in Curaçao. This three-day expo was held at the Renaissance Hotel and Casino, where CORE N.V. took part of the mini expo presenting its datacenter and its service portfolio to the CANTO delegates present for the annual meeting.

Smart Computing to Power Smart Nations & Smart Governments

Furthermore CORE N.V. delved into the topic of this year “Reimagining ICT as a tool for National Growth and Development” by presenting itself as a strategic partner for the further development of Smart Governments.

Many Smart Cities together, become a Smart Nation. Smart Cities are run by Smart Governments. And Smart Governments in turn are powered by Smart Computing. By making use of innovative policies, business models and technology governments can address the financial, environmental and service challenges that face public sector organizations. Governments who introduce a consolidated information system along with a communication network can become:

  • more effective;
  • more efficient;
  • transparent;
  • accountable.

This in turn allows governments to:

  • Improve public services;
  • Provide integrated and seamless service experience;
  • Engage more effectively with citizens;
  • Implement solutions for well-being of the community.

CORE N.V. can assist in the creation of a Smart Governments. Our datacenter professionals can assist with Project Management to provide the planning, execution along with the quality control of smart initiatives. Furthermore CORE N.V.’s datacenter has the redundancy needed to assure high availability that is critical for smart initiatives. We offer both complex and simple solutions along with the possibility to grow with your needs as you grow your business or expand your projects. CORE N.V.’s professionals have the necessary expertise to provide the connectivity and communication aspects for smart initiatives.

We extend our gratitude to CANTO for this great opportunity and wish the Working Committees and all members all the best for the coming year. Let’s introduce the future to our current nations in the Caribbean.